We’re a new collective planner sale that aims to set ourselves apart. 

To learn more about us, click here

There are four seasons to the Pink Planner Sale – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! 

Here are the 2021 dates:

January 10-12
April 9th -11th
July 9th-11th
October 8th-10th

ONE CODE. That’s it! We share one discount code that works for all the participating shops. The code will provide discounts of different amounts depending on the shop. To find the shops by discount, click here.

Once the CODE goes live on the official date of the sale, visit our social media or your favorite shop’s social media to find it! That code can be used for ANY shop participating. If you would like a list of shops, click here. 

Our applications are open 4x per year for each separate sale – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! The best way to find out when our applications are open are to follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter. You can also check the apply page.