Meet the Maker - Alyssa DeLuca

Hi, I'm Alyssa!

I’m the owner of Silver Antler.Co!

I am a nursing student just around the corner from my last year in my program!

I create stickers for planners foil and kits ♥️

Meet the Maker - Silver Antler Co

On top of my shop and school, I also have a part time job I refuuuuuse to give up because I love it (I work for Lush). I run my shop a similar way. I love making stickers. It’s so much fun and I enjoy filling orders and seeing everyone’s post and messages. Other than that I have a wonderful boyfriend who supports me and sometimes helps me with the shop! I plan too! I use a B6 and an EC. I also make stickers for both- and I have a weird thing; If I won’t use them, I won’t release them. I want to love what I make and be proud of it. That’s pretty much all! Nice to meet you ♥️ I leave you with a photo of one of my furbabies 🥰

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