Hello there! My name is Desiree Miranda

I’m the owner and creator of Milkberry Company
I began my shop in September of 2018. I’ve always loved drawing and making characters, as well as the magic of stationery and stickers ever since I was a little girl (sanrio and lisa frank ruled my life haha). I always had a diary or agenda to write in and I am influenced by my love for Japanese culture and designs. I got really into journaling and planning in 2017 and collected many stickers and washi tapes. After my mom had passed that July, my journal became my safe place and stickers were something I would turn to for a creative outlet. I felt like I could make my own stickers and hopefully they could inspire others.

A year had passed of me regaining myself and I decided to open my own sticker shop. I was inspired by my mother’s creativity and the will to fulfil a dream. Life is so short; if we spend that time creating, making friends, and being positive, we can make a mark in other people memories with a smile. Mimi the pup is designed with nostalgia in mind, taking inspiration from early 90’s designs of cute Japanese characters. Childhood was such a fun a simple time and I hope others can get that happy nostalgic feeling with my stickers and drawings.

Please follow us on Instagram for special freebies, coupons and new release announcements! I can’t thank everyone enough for your support and love for Mimi and friends It honestly means the world to me ^.^ I hope you have a great day!

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