Hey everyone, I’m Whitney

I am the owner of Bodacious Prints
I am a hard working 26 year old planner girl. I started planning in high school but got my first Erin Condren planner in 2012 when I begged my mom for Christmas. Since then I’ve been a planner, but I didn’t get into stickers until I got pregnant in Summer of 2016! I found the planning community on YouTube while laying in bed sick, which is hilarious to me.

I opened Bodacious Prints Co the next summer and started with printables. January 2018 is when Bodacious Prints officially opened and I started making physical stickers for everyone. I absolutely love the shop and love seeing it grow. My goal is to keep seeing it grow too. I love to reach out and connect to other planning people, so definitely message me if you ever want to talk! Much love.

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