Hey!! I’m Emily

I am the owner of MarbleMadnessPlans,
opened in October 2018.

I am a 2nd year Psychology student, living at University in London, and hoping to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. My hobbies outside of my shop and crafting include dance and sailing. 

I have always wanted my own business alongside this career path and finding the planning community, I found the perfect chance to combine my dream with my passion for designing. 

I started designing in Powerpoint, progressing on to hand drawing and scanning the stickers to edit in a free and simple editing software. These stickers, I love to this day and most remain in my shop.

After purchasing an Apple Pencil for my iPad, I began designing on Procreate and haven’t looked back since. 

From the beginning, my favourite stickers to design and use were decorative stickers. However, recently my shop has added a huge range of warrior stickers. Sheets for any aspect of a diagnosis you could need to track. But I am always happy to expand my range with any other sheets you may want.

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