I'm Haley, the owner & artist behind Peel & Heal Studio!

I’m a 27-year-old Spanish translator-turned-entrepreneur. My shop thrives on self-care, imperfection, and colorful hand-drawn inspiration. I never imagined owning a business. As a painfully shy kid, entrepreneurship wasn’t on my radar. I’ve always had a planner and a love for snail mail, though, and that pen-on-paper organization became crucial in college. I took an emergency medical leave for intensive treatment of anorexia and instantly, my life took a U-turn. Instead of tracking exams, parties & club meetings, my planner was filled to the margins with therapy & psychiatry, session notes, food intake, insurance files, mood logs, nutrition guidelines, and medication side effects.
Around that time, I stumbled upon the online planner world and instantly gravitated towards more decorative planning. It made a great therapeutic coping mechanism to fight my demons, as did journaling. At a time when
the days felt like a blur and hope was fleeting, these tools were essential.
Not only did planning organize my appointments and monitor my health, it forced me to accept reality and tackle the REAL issues head-on (which were
vastly different from the concerns of my peers at age 20). I learned to break
my cycles of self-destruction and view my worth as more than checkmarks
on a page, a GPA, or a number on the scale.

After a while in the planner community, I noticed trends of perfectionism and a hustle mentality that opposed the notions of self-acceptance that I
had now devoted my life to. I was also frustrated with the lack of content related to mental health. I couldn’t spot a SINGLE planner spread on social media with the word “therapy”, but knew I wasn’t the only one with mental illness or a health diagnosis to tend to. In a tight-knit but diverse community, it was saddening to think that people might feel insecure sharing REAL goals or “messy” parts of their planners. I knew that, in such a vast group of people, there was an incredible support to be found! It was only a matter of months until opening the virtual doors of Peel & Heal Studio in the hopes of inspiring other planners to reclaim authenticity and prioritize maintenance of their physical & mental health. 

Peel & Heal Studio is working to challenge the misconception that wellness is a one-size-fits-all goal. Each of us is trekking along a unique path to well-
being and I strive to create meaningful planning tools that validate whatever that reality is for you. If we can honor wherever we are in the healing process and utilize resources that acknowledge the validity of our situation,
we set ourselves up for stability! I love sharing the planning tools that have changed my life from hospital to happiness. I hope that my efforts help people view planners not JUST as organizers for productivity, but as spaces of authentic growth & acceptance. Peel & Heal Studio’s products will help you embrace your beautiful story, face reality with clear intentions, and stay motivated over the hurdles in a supportive community.

You have what it takes to push onward…and I’m blessed to have a platform to encourage people towards that realization. Thank you SO much for checking out Peel & Heal Studio! Your support of my creative venture
continues to inspire growth in my own healing process.
Be well,

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