Hi Everyone,

I’m Nikki and I am the owner and designer at Little Pencil Design.
Based in the U.K., we started up
our business just over two and half years ago (how time flies!), initially selling greetings cards,
party decor and functional planner stickers.

Soon we found our cute and punny style and have stuck with it ever since! Over time we have
brought out planner kits, foil items, household and lifestyle gifts. In May 2019, our resident cutie pie
Flump arrived on the scene, conceived in Japan and drawn in house, you will not find this little
squishy guy with a love of doodling and a ridiculous coffee order anywhere else!

For those of you who question, Flump is my spirit being; he loves naps, caffeinated drinks bigger
than him, doodling, hides under his blanky when he doesn’t want to do anything and loves meeting
new people! As to what he IS, speculation is riff! I think he may be a marshmellow, but every time I
try to test this he screams! All I know for sure is he is absolutely adorable to work with (he is staring
up at me as I type this) and it is hard to get work done when he is in the office!

Our studio is just outside Hereford, a cathedral city in England and very handily, not a very
commute from our kitchen (>_<)! We we first started it was myself, a printer and a single cutter in a
corner of my mother in law’s study. We now have dedicated studio (which we are rather quickly
outgrowing :/) three printers, four cutters and countless cute mascots to make the work day go a
little quicker.

From day one, I was lucky enough try making Little Pencil Design my full time job and to this day I
am grateful to every single person who places an order with us. When you open a parcel for LPD,
we want you to make that adorable face you do when you see a baby animal, and with the help of
Flump, we are trying our hardest 😀

We love releasing new collections of Flump and can’t wait to show you want he has in store next
for everyone!
We hope you have enjoyed getting to know us a little more, and if you want to see more behind the
scenes please follow us on Instagram: @littlepencildesign and join our Facebook group:
Have a fab day!
Nikki, Little Pencil & Flump 🙂 x

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