I'm Haley:

owner, artist, & self-care nerd of Peel & Heal Studio!

As a type-A kid and a snail mail lover, I’ve always had a paper planner and a love for stickers. My organizational and artistic hobbies took on much more importance, though, when I took an emergency medical leave from college for intensive treatment of anorexia. Overnight, my schedule & priorities were drastically different. Instead of tracking exams, parties & meetings, my planner was filled to the margins with therapy & psychiatry, inspiration, food logs & nutrition benchmarks, insurance info, mood tracking, and side effects.

At that point, planners became more than just “handy”. Decorative planning was a great therapeutic coping tool in facing mental illness, as was journaling. Not only did a planner organize the appointments and track my health, it forced me to accept reality – that my entire life, built on perfectionism and over-commitment, was killing me. For the first time, I began seeing that success is NOT a linear path. In treatment, I broke down my cycles of self-destruction, learned to navigate plot twists with confidence, and started viewing my worth as much more than productivity or a number on the scale.

I knew I could not be the only member of the planning community struggling with mental illness or a health diagnosis to tend to, but it was rare that I saw photos or designs referencing true self-care. In a tight knit but diverse community, I was saddened to think that people maybe felt insecure sharing REAL life goals or “messy” planner pages. It was only a matter of months before I taught myself to make stickers, began printing my doodles, and opened the virtual doors of Peel & Heal Studio to inspire other planners to prioritize wellness unaplogetically.

Peel & Heal is working to challenge the misconception that success has a singular definition. Once we can accept wellness as an individualized journey and learn to drop the shame in self-care, we open our world to much more authenticity and potential. The planner community is full of genuine support, but we often box ourselves in with comparison & black-and-white thinking. YOU define what success looks like. YOU define what productive means. Because only YOU can give yourself the validation of self-love, and YOU come first.


I love sharing the planning tools that have transformed my lifestyle from sterile, calculated hospitalization to spontaneous, imperfect, authentic happiness. I hope Peel & Heal Studio can help you view your planner in a new light: not JUST as an organizer, but as a personal space of growth & learning. Our products will help you embrace your unique story, face the “real world” with intention, and stay motivated over any hurdles in a supportive community.


I feel honored to have a platform where I can both share my journey of healing AND encourage others towards a similar sense of self-respect and stability. Thanks a million for checking out Peel & Heal Studio! The support of my creative passion continues inspiring growth in my own healing process and I’m SO excited to embrace progress (NOT perfection) together!

Be well!

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