Let's Welcome Zay Designs, LLC.

Hello, my name is Lindzay and I am the owner and designer for Zay Designs, LLC. This shop is all about the planner bling: beaded and charmed dangles and clips to accessorize with. Every item is designed and handmade by me, so you know whatever you pick will be unique. I offer spine charms large and small, planner tails/clippies, and charmed paperclips. Sets are also available in certain collections of my shop. Additionally, I accept custom design requests. From keychains to bookmarks to wine glass markers, I’ve helped many happy customers bring their creations to life.

Some little facts about me: I am Canadian born, American raised, and married to a Mexican national. I speak three languages and love to travel with my husband. One of my favorite pass times is release baby turtles back to the ocean. I crochet, embroider, and make planner jewelry while working full time as a metal fabricator at a stop motion animation studio.

I try to run a low waste shop. I reuse packing and shipping material when feasible. Many beads used in my designs have been collected over time, just waiting for the perfect build. Designs in my shop with multiple quantities only exist because I have enough duplicate beads or charms to make a few. That being said, I also enjoy the small batches of designs. This gives me to the opportunity to explore new ideas, keep things fresh, and offer a variety of planner charm themes.

My shop is just a baby (not even a year old yet) but so far participating in planner sales has been really fun. I am excited to be a part of the Pink Planner Sale for the first time, and hope you find something you like whether it be from my shop or my fabulous counterparts. I hope to build something big from this little nugget, so thank you for all your support.

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