Hello everyone! Here is Michie (aka Michelle) the artist and owner of Spooky Candy Shop!
I’m a latina freelance illustrator based in Germany, but my journey began in Recife, Brazil. My hometown is a coastal sun kissed city with so high temperatures that people say the thought of it warms their hearts. Well, some other people say it’s so hot that it can be renamed to Hellcife too. In Brazil I studied Graphic Design and had the pleasure of painting digitally for mobile games and painting with watercolors for personal projects. One day my husband got a great career opportunity and we decided to move abroad. We also brought our cat Zezinho with us!  
When I came to Germany in 2016, new doors opened up for me. I felt like in these tv shows where you blindly choose a door and wait for the surprise! So far no monsters came from anywhere, only Krampus shows his face on Christmas but…hey, I’m in Germany after all!   

Some of my doors hid the struggles of being an immigrant, but my favorite doors brought Spooky Candy Shop  to life.

Here I discovered the planner world, new art supplies and papers. Nowadays I offer vinyl stickers and matte premium stickers that are easy to write on.  

Spooky Candy focuses on creepy cute and alternative themes. Being goth, being soft or being into nerdy things is something that requires courage and I’m here to help you translate your true self to planners and bullet journals!

I’m very thankful and glad to be part of the Pink Planner Sale! For that reason, I’d like to offer a freebie to everyone reading this, you can download it on my Facebook Group.

If you get something from my shop, be sure to tag me on Instagram @spookycandyshop or use the tag #spookycandyplanner for a shoutout. 

You are always welcome to share thoughts, suggest themes and keep the creepy cute flame burning everywhere! You are unique and so is your planner.