Hi there! My name is Kat and I am the face behind Beedoo&Co. My husband, Derek, is responsible for creating all the original artwork for our products. Our two dogs, Beamer the lab/shepherd, and Miso the corgi, are our mascots. We are from Toronto, Canada. 
When I am not working on my shop, I am a full-time teacher (and server/bartender, pre-pandemic). Derek is a full-time graphic designer for a social media company. Beamer is a ball aficionado and Miso is a professional shedder.
We started our shop back in 2015 as a means to pay for our dream wedding. Six years later, we are still here and totally enjoying every moment of it! Our original hand drawn planner character is inspired by our corgi. Our corgi character (also named Miso) is expressive, hilarious, and sassy, just like our real-life corgi. We also make hand drawn magnetic bookmarks, die cut stickers, washi, and phone grips. We love being able to create products that are used and loved all over the world. It is such an amazing feeling to know that people love our corgi character as much as we do!
If you are not following us on Instagram yet, check us out @beedooandco, where we post sneak peeks, giveaways, and (more than) occasional pictures of our dogs. We also have a Facebook Group where we share additional coupon codes that can be used during sales @Beedoo&Co.