Hi everyone, my name is Calvina and i’m the owner of CinderellaPaper. Currently i work for my parents company, study part-time for my degree and running this sticker shop. I first fall in love into planning back on 2015. Planning and the community itself really bring the light back into me, as i was first diagnosed with major depression back in 2012. I then open my shop with the encouragement for my parents as they saw how it bring happiness to me. CinderellaPaper open mid-2016 and the rest is history.
Currently my shop offer stickers for different types of planners but we specialize in vertical planner. We also have tons of characters and cute icons at our shop. Not only that, we offer three types of stickers in order to suit everyone needs : matte, glossy, and matte vinyl.  

Do follow us @cinderellapaper on Instagram and join our facebook group where I do share behind-the-scenes, plan with men, and shop new releases.

Thank you so much for supporting my little shop. No amount of words can express this community help me to get through my depression, it means everything to me and i do hope it does the same to you