Hey Y’all. 
My name is Kimberly Austin, and I am the creator/owner of Austin Accessories & More. My shop opened in 2021 and I am so excited. I am wife and a mother of four who lives in South Carolina. I found my love for planners during high school because I loved to write everything down and did not want to miss any classroom assignments. I believe that we are all held accountable for our actions in life so why not start with a planner to help us maintain some type of accountability. 
Austin Accessories & More was created because I was not able to find a planner that met my needs as a mother when it came to budgeting for my household. After much research and finally getting over the fear of starting a business I figured that I can’t be the only mom struggling with this same issue. So, I found myself designing planners that not only helped me but can help others as well. Along with our planners we also carry apparel, drinkware, and tote bags for moms.


Here at Austin Accessories & More we are here to speak to your pain, and help you become better stewards over your finances and organize your time better. By using our planners the correct way you will see areas in your life that need to be changed whether it’s your spending habits or you just constantly showing up late everywhere you go….we can help with that! 
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