From discovery to hobby then to building a dream…. 
Meet The Maker of Haxby Stickers & Stationery.

Hi there, My name is Kirsty & I’m the owner of Haxby Stickers & Stationery. I am based in Essex, UK. I am married with two beautiful daughters. I love chocolate, coffee & of course decorative planning. So that is me in a nutshell. Now let me take you back to 2016 which is where my story begins…
I discovered the planning community back in 2016. I had just had my wedding and after planning that for 14 months. I had a real sense of deflation in my life. I was watching YouTube one evening and came across a planning video 101 and that is pretty much how I discovered the world of planners and stickers. I have always loved stationery even as a kid and to discover this world I instantly got sucked in. I started off with a really basic diary and found some free printable stickers online and printed them and hand cut them, which was fine but I couldn’t use all the stickers because I wasn’t the best at cutting really small circles. I then discovered accounts on Instagram and found sticker shops on Etsy. Quickly realising the diary I had wasn’t up to standard, so I bought a Happy Planner. And just like that my discovery turned in to a hobby and I found it really therapeutic!
So how did my hobby turn into building a dream… I have my parents to thank for that. In September 2017 I showed my parents my hobby and my dad said to me:     
 “Why don’t you start a shop? This is something you can definitely do and I reckon you will be good at it.”

So my parents bought me my cutting machine, printer and all the supplies I needed to get start and I have never looked back. I did have to temporarily close my shop in October 2018 due to having my second child & dealing with several things in my personal life. Then I decided to reopen my shop in June 2021. I felt a lot had changed in the planner community, and I had to rediscover this world again as a shop owner in what customers wanted now. I am always learning and listening to my customers in what they would like to see in the shop.


So there you have it. My story from discovery to hobby to building a dream… Haxby Stickers and Stationery making beautiful handmade stickers to help keep you organised and your planners looking pretty. 

Love, Kirsty x