The Pink Planner Sale has branched out to provide shops with bulk supplies. 

We work with manufactures to get the planner supplies you need without having to buy so many. (most manufactures require a minimum of 500 an item which is a big commitment for small shops) What sets us apart is that we are a NOT FOR PROFIT buy in. Meaning I as an individual do not make money off these buy ins. I benefit by being able to get supplies for my own shop and for the PPS sale giveaways/table gifts.  Because of this our our buy in quantity is also lower than others.  The smallest quantity a shop can order is 30 pieces.

Each buy in we order extras to have on hand if you are in need of supplies after a buy in please email us at 

Orders are open. 
Reusable sticker books are 3.75 each
You can fill out the form to participate in the buy in here